NGI_TRUST Open Call Webinar

On Monday, April 15th 2019, the NGI_TRUST Consortium will have a webinar as a question and answer session. It will take place from 12:30 to 14:00 o`clock (CET). Learn more and register via the link below.

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Funding Opportunities for H2020 NGI calls

On October 16 the European Commission opened the second wave of the H2020 calls on “Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative” (the ICT-24-2018-2019 call). The call’s scope is to involve today’s best Internet innovators to address technological opportunities ranging from network infrastructures to platforms, from application domains to social innovation.

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Am 1. November 2018 findet im Festsaal Kreuzberg ein Workshop mit Rob van Kranenburg (NGI Move), Tom De Block (Blockchain Solution Architect Settlemint) and Paul Malone ( statt. 

In diesem Workshop haben Teilnehmer die Chance an der Diskussion zu beteiligen, das Zukünftige Internet (Fututre Internet) nach menschlichen Werten mitzugestallten. Weiterhin soll der Workshop aufzeigen, wie Internet-Technologie für zivile Gesellschaftsorganisationen genutzt werden kann.

Wann: November 1, 2018 all-day Europe/Brussels Timezone

Wo: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland

Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte die Eventseite

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Expert-Roundtabel @ german ict and medienakademie

The eco akademie and the deutschen ict + medienakademie are having a expert Round Tabel with the topic as stated below. Topics will be Standards, Networks, Security and Cloud vs edge and many more. For further information visit the link in the description.

Die Cloud auf dem Weg zum Edge-Computing?

Was verändert sich da bei Technologie und Diensten und was hat das für Folgen?

Experten-Roundtable, Mittwoch, 5. September 2018, 12.30 – 18.30

DE-CIX Management GmbH, Lindley Str. 12, Frankfurt am Main

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NGI @ Digital Assembly in Sofia - LIVE web streaming 

The NGI Initiative streamed their panel – The data economy and the Next Generation Internet (NGI) – live from Digital Assembly in Sofia on June 26th 2018. You can still see the video under the link below.

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NGI Forum 2018 Agenda now online

The highly regarded NGI Forum will take place September 13th 2018 in Porto. The Agenda for both days is online and can be seen at the event's website. The registration is open as well. Furthermore, on September 14th the FIF meeting will take place in Porto as well. 

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NGI Contact Points file repository now online

Due to high demand, the www.NGI.EU portal implemented a European origin file repository to exchange documents/outcomes/experiences, etc.

Please be invited to the NGI Contact Points file-repository on the Nextcloud where material about the NGI Workshops, presentations, past meetings/webinars, etc. is stored.

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NGI.EU web portal

Acting like a one-stop shot, the www.NGI.EU portal opens up the NGI ecosystem to better serve the existing NGI community and attract more new potential NGI players. Web visitors can now have fast, easy access to all NGI related resources and services available on the global, EU, regional and national levels to find:

  • Basics information about the NGI
  • Funding opportunities via on-going Calls
  • On-going consultations
  • NGI Contact points in the European Union member states and associated countries
  • NGI related news & events
  • NGI related initiatives.

The new NGI web portal will help NGI community and NGI projects to maximize their impact across the Next Generation Internet landscape while helping the NGI and related communities find each other for successful collaboration.

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The NGI Map

The NGI online map is designed to foster collaborations amongst researchers and innovators in Europe and beyond, including research centers, national public research funding organizations, SMEs, start-ups, non-government organisations (NGOs), corporations, incubators, accelerators, investors, influencers, co-working spaces, and more.

The NGI map brings many advantages to participants:

  • A marketing channel to promote their work and expertise, leading to increased visibility and reach.
  • Standing out as supporting a new initiative for the development of the future Internet.
  • Being able to shape and refine the NGI R&D agenda, planned activities and instruments.
  • Joining a true pan-European partnership: national – EU – international
  • Participating in the NGI activities by fostering collaborations with top-notch players.

The NGI Map is designed to encourage and facilitate collaborations and participation in the NGI initiative.

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NGI Consultation platform

At the ICT Proposers Day 2017 in Budapest, launched the NGI Consultation platform to start discussion on topics of importance to WP2018 of NGI (Privacy and Enhancing Technologies, Decentralised Data Governance, and Discovery and Identity) and future topics for WP2019.

Could we please ask you to take some time to go to and register to the platform and can you add something about your current work and your own ideas for the Next Generation Internet.

Even if you have a topic that might be considered for the next WP2019, and it isn't part of the 3 current WP2018 channels, perhaps you can add something under the channel WP2019 topics directly. This would help in selection of topics for the WP2019 NGI call.

Steps to follow:

1. Go to consultation link on the NGI site or direct link and register yourself;

2. Click on the discussion channel(s) you want to contribute to (or you can add a new one also);

3. Once in the discussion channel, you click on +Open new discussion in this channel (in Add new discussion in the channel box on right side above the tags);

4. Add your discussion content directly in the box and add any new tags by typing in at the bottom. The original channel tag you selected previously will automatically get entered when you save it. So you don't have to enter it again. E.g. if you went into the discussion channel on Decentralised Data Governance, that will automatically be added as a tag.

5. Click Save.

6. Please send any comments you might have at:

Thanking you in advance. Even if you don't have anything to add right now, please go ahead anyway and register and you can check back again.

Related Links: Working Together Towards a Future Internet

The Next Generation Internet aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values of European citizens. Not only does this driven and aspiring vision require the contributions of researchers and innovators, but it also involves the dedicated participation from the 4 contributing CSAs: Hub4NGI,, ENGINEROOM and NGI Move; who collectively work together to support the highly ambitious NGI Flagship, toward the end of the Horizon 2020 programme and into FP9. - DISCOVER THE 4 CSAs INVOLVED

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NGI Forum, 13 September 2017

Over 160 registered attendees, 92 contributors from 18 different countries, 15 speakers, the NGI Forum engaged active participants across Europe.

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NGI Classification and Assessment Methodology

In September the HUB4NGI project published the NGI Classification and Assessment Methodology deliverable.

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Info session webinar on ICT-24 and ICT-31 Calls on 7 December 2017

This Next Generation Internet (NGI) information session focuses on 2 calls:

  • The NGI Open Internet Initiative (objective ICT-24-2018: 3 Research & Innovation (R&I) Actions; EUR 21 Million; 2-3 years; 1 R&I project per topic: Privacy and trust enhancing technologies, Decentralized data governance, Discovery and identification technologies; supported by 3 Coordination and support actions (CSAs); EUR 7 million))
  • The EU-US collaboration on NGI (objective ICT-31-2018; 2 CSAs (EUR 2.5 Million; 3 years; CSA 1: Organise & other support activities; CSA2: A Fellowship programme).

The calls of the 2 objectives opened on 31 October 2017. Submission deadline for proposals is 17 April 2018.

The session will only be web-streamed, i.e. you can follow it from your PC, no need to travel anywhere.

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NGI Contact Points

A Next Generation Internet training webinar for the NGI Contact Points was organised. The webinar was filled with the NGI Contact Points engaged in lively discussion on NGI topics.

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Blockchain webinar

How distributed HW and SW ecosystems based on blockchains could work in Next Generation Internet? Find answer in the Blockchain webinar video and presentation!

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The Consultation Platform

Are you a researcher or an industry interested in topics related to the Next Generation Internet (NGI)? Now you can contribute to the building of the NGI.

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NGI: The Emerging Research Challenges

Important topics for further research and innovation have been identified by synthesis of a number of recent consultations to determine consensus.

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ICT Prop’ Day 2017

The NGI was well visible at the ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 via NGI networking session, photo booth, consultation platform: it was the place to learn more about NGI.

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Successful start: NGI Salon series

One of the highlights so far was our seminar with top-class speakers on BLOCKCHAIN AND PUBLIC AGENCY in Brussels.

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